Rank Name Points Villages
1. Puyut 194,417,349 16,000
2. andrei grad 193,778,825 15,962
3. danutza2007 192,234,700 15,819
Create a simple attack plan for your next attack session.
Create very fast defense request messages for your ally and friends.
The Report tool lets you store your reports by copy and paste. You can secure them with password protection or display them to everybody.
The war stats tool lets you see detailed statistics from a war between multiple tribes or players. You can easily get the information in BB-Code to be able to post it in forums or in the game.
View rankings of different game related values.
Here you can add bookmarks for players, allies and villages.
The Ennoblement tool lists all conquered villages in the last time.
The gameworld statistic tool is showing the progress of different gameworld specific values during the last four weeks.
Rank Name Points Villages
1. CIRC 1,974,562,983 187,106
2. UNITED 613,218,631 57,279
3. EX HD 544,407,344 52,318
Get information about this gameworld. In addition to that, information about gameworld settings and update schedules at TWplus are listed here
Get an overview about your location or the whole gameworld if you want.
The calculator collection contains some very helpful tools to find villages, generate durations or calculate unit/building costs.